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Yelp reviews

I truly love this place, backwards and forwards, inside and out.

Ever wonder what it's like when an owner embraces honesty in business? Go here. Want the best pedicure of your life? Go here. Want to hold a girls' day out with your buddies? Again, go here.

I came here on a whim. I was so impressed that it's converted me (a dyed-in-the-wool tomboy) into something a bit more ladylike. Hey, they might not be miracle workers, but I've got super-cute toes!

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I went to this salon with a group of bridesmaids/bride/family/stragglers to get our nails done the day before the wedding.

It was amazing!! We got the place to ourselves for a couple hours on a Friday morning. We were served coffee, tea, fruit, danishes... it was wonderful! I have never in my life had such a wonderful salon experience!!

Oh, and our nails looked awesome!! Go here!!!

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I plan on being detailed because I know they will read my review. For a CS establishment it's 5 stars...

The place is super clean, which I know other people mention. It's a new building, so this is no surprise, but I love their no touch bathroom! They have full service pedi-stations and I thought it was cool they do manscaping. Let's face it... we know they need it.

The staff are not catty! They are all unique and cool and the owner was very real and friendly. The masseuse was called in and it was nice of her to come on down on a Saturday afternoon to help me out. I was all knotted up and she worked her magic! The owner said "she takes people to another place" and she wasn't lying. My con for this place was the location of the massage room next to hair dryers and people talking in the other room. However, she put me totally out of it at some point and I don't know where I was for the second half of that massage!

After calling at 11:35, getting a pedi-appt for noon, only to be late thanks to cross town traffic and they STILL took care of me... plus the masseuse coming in last minute I also was given a new customer discount. Madness I tell you!

I don't know what all the smack talk is about, this is a fabulous place to go!

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Superpages reviews

I love the absolute cleanliness of this facility and the hygienic practices I have not experienced in any other salon! Our entire family comes to High Maintenance for haircuts (husband too), and to get our nails done. Thank you! I am so grateful there's finally a sanitary salon for those of us on the east side of town!

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High Maintenance Salon with Manscaping is an affordable one stop shop for all of your beauty needs. Mrs. Carol, the salon's owner, in-house and my personal esthitician, offers years of expertise, an elite line of GREEN products (Sanitas, Zoya, Qtica and more), and innovative equipment to service any of your beauty needs. The ambiance of this salon makes it the perfect getaway from the rigors of day to day life. The soothing colors, aromatic scents, and who could forget that warm cup of tea (coffee, water, or your preference) is one of my favorite reasons to go and indulge in the many services offered. The salon is always impeccably clean, soothing to the senses, and the staff there is always friendly and professional. Infinite thumbs up for my favorite salon.

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Yahoo reviews

I've had my eyebrows waxed at countless salons all over town. Never went back to a single one. Either they were over priced, lousy customer service or a mediocre job. This place is not only the best I have even been to, it is also the cheapest. The pedicures are amazing too. It's great for women, and men, looking for high quality service but without all the snooty dim lighting and little fountains in the corner. Bright cheerful atmosphere, clean and modern, great staff.

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A+++ for cleanliness! I will ONLY come here to get my nails done. The hair stylist is great too! Love the staff.

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Very friendly staff and nice enviroment. I had a microderm and the lady was very skilled.

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High Maintenance Salon - Bring your teen for a prom or wedding hair styling High Maintenance Salon - We cut, color, shampoo and condition your hair High Maintenance Salon - Your feet feel great after a pedicure and custom nail enhancement
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